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When is my baggage considered oversized or overweight?

Your baggage will be considered oversized or overweight when it exceeds the permitted dimensions and weight for checked baggage (50 lb in Economy Class, 70 lb in business class, and 158 linear cm). You can still bring it with an additional charge if its dimensions do not exceed 99 lb and 230 linear cm (height + length + width). Otherwise, we suggest transporting it with avianca cargo.

Fares for overweight or oversized baggage:  

Domestic flights
Destination Oversized Overweight
Colombia COP 85.000 per piece

COP 85.000 per piece


USD 30 per piece

 USD 30 per piece

The rates listed in the table correspond to airport values with taxes included. These refer to the charge per item, with a fixed value on domestic flights.


International flights
Departure Oversized  Overweight
From the United States From USD 80 From USD 80
From Canada From CAD 107 From CAD 107
From Mexico From USD 95 From USD 95
From Central America From USD 80 From USD 80
From the Caribbean From USD 80 From USD 80

From South America

From USD 85 From USD 85
From Spain From EUR 125 From EUR 125
From Great Britain From GBP 100 From GBP 100

The rates listed in the table correspond to airport values with taxes included. These refer to the charge per item and are calculated according to the route. Therefore, they may vary and are subject to availability.

Keep in mind
Transporting non-conventional baggage, including baggage oversized or overweight, is subject to the signature of the limited liability certificate issued by avianca, which you will find on the back of the baggage tag. It clarifies that avianca is not responsible for the condition of your baggage when transported in the hold.


During the low season (2-feb-2024 to 22-mar-2024, 16-ago-2024 to 15-nov-2024, 08-abr-2024 to 14-jun-2024), for the routes Guayaquil - New York - Guayaquil, San Salvador - Ontario - San Salvador, San Salvador - Los Angeles - San Salvador, San Salvador - San Francisco - San Salvador, San Salvador - Washington - San Salvador, San Salvador - New York - San Salvador you may purchase up to a fifth additional baggage. While during the high season you can only purchase up to a third additional baggage. Take into account that from the third piece onwards they'd will be subject to space/conditional (standby).

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