How do I check-in?

You can check-in online 48 hours before your flight from any device, you can also check-in at our kiosks located at the airport or if you prefer, directly at the counter. If you are flying from or to the United States or Canada, the time to check-in is 24 hours before the flight. Learn how to manage your check-in quickly and easily:

Online Check-in Check-in at kiosks Check-in at counters Additional information
  • Log in from your smartphone to the Avianca app or from your browser to and select the option check-in.
  • Enter your booking code or ticket number and complete the information requested.
  • Remember that when you check-in online, your boarding pass will be displayed directly on your smartphone and you don't need to print it out, just present it from your phone at the airport counters or boarding lounge as appropriate.
How to get your baggage tag?

You can obtain your baggage tag online by following the steps below.

  1. Go to online check-in and fill in the requested information (remember to have your travel documents at hand to make your registration easier).
  2. In step 3 of the online check in (Boarding Pass), you find the options to get your baggage tag.
  3. Send your baggage tag to your e-mail for printing at your convenience or you can get it immediately by clicking on print (remember to use good quality white letter size paper and a laser printer).
  4. Follow the instructions on how to fold the label correctly.
  • Put it in the label holder that we will give you at the airport (keep it, you can use it on your next flight).
  • Hand in your baggage with the tag at the baggage drop-off point at the airport.

Print and keep receipts containing the identification number of each tag; with these, you can track your baggage.

Information to bear in mind
  • If you have a connection with Renfe make sure you check-in on their website as well, so you don't miss your connection when you arrive at your destination.
  • If you are registered with Bio Mig, make use of these self-service machines located next to the Migration lines to speed up your procedures. If you are not registered, register for FREE in the Emigration (enrollment) and Immigration (authentication or walk-through) areas of the El Dorado Airport Migration Control Post.

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