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Can I change my flight if I am COVID-19 positive or suspect?

If you are a positive or suspected COVID-19 case and/or have a certificate of isolation and need to change your flight, please note the following information:

  • If you purchased in size L or XXL, use the flexibility of your ticket to change your travel date at any time with no change fee (fare difference may apply).
  • If you purchased your ticket in sizes XS, S or M and you are unable to travel on the scheduled date for any of the following reasons:
      1. Complete the exemption application form
      2. Attach a positive COVID-19 pre-flight test.
        • Submit the test result and/or isolation certificate (home tests do not apply).  
        • The incapacity or certificate must cover the traveler and/or a family member in the 1st or 2nd degree of consanguinity and/or traveling companion.
      3. You will receive in your e-mail the response to your request with the exemption information. 
      4. With this email, you are able to visit one of our points of sale or call the contact center to choose a new travel date.  You will have up to 90 calendar days from the affected flight to request rescheduling and/or reimbursement. The new itinerary must be within the valid accounting range of the ticket and must respect the validity of the fare. The new travel date must be at least 5 days (for Europe, Panama, and the United States), 14 days (for El Salvador), and 7 days for the rest of the countries, after the date of the positive test result.


      Keep in mind!
      • Changes apply to all passengers on the same reservation. If the change is only for one passenger, please call or visit us.
      • If your ticket has an additional charge for change of date/route date/route change, you must pay with a valid credit card. Valid credit card.
      • If the new date/route you choose has a higher fare, you must cancel the difference higher rate, you will have to pay the difference between what you originally paid and the new rate.
      • If you were upgraded to business class on the flight, you will lose it at the time of upgrade.
      • The change cannot be made if you purchased the ticket in the last 24 hours ticket in the last 24 hours and/or the ticket is already expired and/or you bought it with LifeMiles.
      • To make the change, the ticket must have been purchased on our website.
      • If you purchased your flight ticket from a travel agency, you should contact them to change your flight.
      • If you make the change through our direct channels (avianca.com, points of sale or contact center) the administrative fee and charge will be waived, but the difference in fare may apply.



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