How can I use the Avianca UATP Card?

You can use the Avianca UATP Card to purchase Avianca products or services directly on the Avianca website, Avianca points of sale in Colombia or Avianca travel agencies. To purchase tickets from other airlines you can do so as long as you have purchased them directly with Avianca (codeshare).

Learn how to activate your Avianca UATP Card

Step by step to activate and use your card

  1. Log in to MyAvianca: At the top of our website login and if you are not yet registered, please do so.


  2. Go to Wallet: Click on the Avianca Wallet section to activate your Avianca UATP Card.


  3. Activate your Avianca UATP Card: Complete the required information. If it is correct you will be able to view your Avianca UATP Card with the preloaded balance.
  4. Choose your destination: Select your flight dates and confirm your trip.
  5. Confirm your booking: When paying use the UATP option by entering your card number.

What happens if the value of your purchase exceeds the balance on your Avianca UATP Card?

  • If the value of the new purchase you want to make exceeds the balance on your Avianca UATP card, you will be able to use the balance of your card and another payment method directly on Applies to all countries except Argentina and European countries. 
  • You can also visit our points of sale in Colombia or with your favorite travel agency, verified in advance if you can use this method of payment.
  • The card balance can be used multiple times until it is exhausted.

Please note

Purchases made with the Avianca UATP Card are subject to the terms and conditions of the new ticket issued, learn more about our fare types.


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