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What is an interline agreement?

This is a global agreement between 2 or more airlines that allows some airlines to sell and issue tickets on flights operated by other airlines.

Thanks to these agreements, we are expanding our network of routes to take you to more destinations, connecting with other airlines, so you can choose the route and schedules that best suit you.

Benefits of Star Alliance Other airlines Baggage policies
  • You can only check-in your baggage once for all flights, depending on the airline with which you are traveling on a connecting flight.
  • If you are traveling on a connecting flight, please keep in mind that your baggage will only be checked-in to its final destination if all the flights are included in the same transport contract. In other words, provided that they are registered in a single ticket. Otherwise, when you take a connecting flight, you will be required to collect your baggage and check-in again for the next flight.
  • Purchase a single ticket, pay for the entire journey in the same currency and from a single airline or agent. In this way, the number of destinations or airlines with which you travel in a connecting flight will not be an issue.
  • This will guarantee allocation to a flight, assistance coverage of basic expenses (hotel, meals and transport) if you miss a connecting flight due to causes attributable to any of the airlines providing their services as part of the interline ticket.
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