Carry-on baggage

What items should I carry in my carry-on baggage?

We recommend that you carry your valuables in your carry-on baggage because they should always be under your care. Check the items that you should take with you.
Types of articles Description
Fragile: Antiques, works of art, books, photographs, documents, securities, televisions, computers or other electronic items and their accessories.
Electronics:  Computers, household appliances, photographic equipment, medical equipment, cell phones, data storage devices (such as MP3, USB flash drives, external disks, among others), digital tablets, video game consoles, digital agendas and any other electronic equipment including software or components, televisions, radios or similar items.
Valuable: Furs, money, jewelry, precious metals, among others.
Personal: Perishable products, medicines, samples, items for commercial use, unique and irreplaceable items and similar valuable items. 


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