Meals on board

Which flights include onboard meals?

Our meal service is included in our routes:
    • Bogotá-Madrid-Bogotá
    • Medellín-Madrid-Medellín
    • Cali-Madrid-Cali
    • Bogotá-Barcelona-Bogotá
    • Bogotá-Londres-Bogotá Bogotá- Los Ángeles- Bogotá
    • Madrid-El Salvador-Madrid (from June 2023)

We offer you the following meals:

    • For the Bogota-Los Angeles-Bogota route, enjoy a hot meal on a tray with dessert and water.

    • For flights to and from Europe, according to the duration and time of your flight, you can enjoy: a hot meal on a tray, with appetizer, bread, butter and jam, for breakfast. If you fly at lunch or dinner time, a hot meal on a tray with an appetizer, dessert, bread and butter.
    • If you are vegetarian or if you are flying with children, learn about the options we have. These menus are free of charge and must be requested at least 24 hours before the flight leaves through our Contact center.
    • For other flights, we have our buy onboard service, which offers a variety of products for you to choose from.
    • If you have a special diet, we offer the option of bringing your own food to be served. We recommend that it be light and pre-packaged.
    • Learn about our suggestions and recommendations in case of severe allergies.
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