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What should I do if I am travelling with firearms?

If you need to carry firearms with your baggage, the first thing you must do is inform the Customer Service agent at the check-in counters during the documentation process that you are carrying a firearm or sable in your baggage (even if they are for sporting use). You must also specify whether you are carrying this item together with its ammunition and your intention to declare it as checked baggage.

The carriage of firearms as baggage carries an additional charge on all fares and is available for all our flights except for the Bogota - London - Bogota route and routes to and from Brazil.

What you should keep in mind Minimum check-in times for the check-in process Fares
  • These items should be transported in their rigid container / case in such a way that their transport is safe and secure.
  • It should have a security mechanism (key or padlock) to which only you have full access and control to open it.
  • Ammunition shall be packed in the main case of the firearm in such a way that it is secured and protected.
  • All firearm cases will be searched and identified with their bag tag and will be transported outside your baggage.
  • All weapons must pass through a documentary verification process, ensuring verification of their unloading.
  • Only weapons and ammunition with a maximum weight equivalent to 5 kg included in the packaging per passenger are allowed to be carried.
  • You can carry a maximum of 2 weapons or sabers per flight. The total number of weapons or sabers that can be transported per flight is 10.

Additional information

  • Temporary import and export permit for the weapon issued by the appropriate authority. It must bear your name and identification, as well as the identification of the weapon, the quantity of ammunition and the expiry date of the permit.
  • Weapons carrying permit issued by the competent authority in the countries of origin, connection and destination.
  • If you are a participant in a sporting event, you must bring certification of your participation in the event.
  • If you are travelling as a diplomatic passenger, it is necessary to present the diplomatic identification document and the permit to carry arms.
  • Keep in mind that the police authority in each country is the sole authority responsible for certifying the validity or otherwise of the permits to carry weapons.
Civilian passenger
  • National Identity Card (DNI)
  • Licence to carry weapons issued by the regulatory body for weapons, ammunition, and explosives for civilian use. 
  • Valid ownership card for each firearm issued by the regulatory body for arms, ammunition, and explosives for civilian use.
  • We do not provide the service of transporting firearms and ammunition as checked baggage on routes between Bogotá - London - Bogotá and on routes to and from Brazil.
  • You may not transport ammunition without accompanying your fire arm and/or respective permits from the appropriate local authority.
  • If we determine that the weapon you are carrying does not meet the legal requirements for transport, we will inform you before your trip. 
  • Sporting weapons that do not use ammunition do not require the completion of the firearms transport form.
  • Where an undeclared firearm is detected in baggage or as checked baggage, the baggage may not be carried until the acceptance process is completed.
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