Restricted items

What items are restricted in my baggage?

Restricted items in baggage refer to items or substances that may present a risk to the health and safety of individuals, the environment, or aircraft. Therefore, they will not be able to be carried in any of your baggage.

There are some items that you can carry with you, but they must be approved by the airline to be transported, learn about them.

Keep in mind

If you are traveling to the United States, please check the list of additional restricted items at the end of this article.

Item Description
Flammable Aerosols WD-40, spray paint, aerosol starch, cooking spray, etc. This restriction does not apply to toiletries (lotions, deodorants, aerosol foot powders, etc.).
Electric Weapons (taser) Stun guns, electric or current pistols.
Alcoholic Beverages With more than 70% alcohol by volume (e.g., absinthe).
Full Oxygen Bottles (pipettes) Medical or recreational oxygen bottles, pipettes, or tanks under pressure.
Fuels Flammable liquids, including containers and equipment with residual fuel.
Liquid Oxygen Devices Pipettes, cannulas, masks, or dive tanks.
Disabling Items Personal defense gases, pepper sprays, or irritating substances.
Damaged Electronic Equipment Computers, cell phones, chargers, or any malfunctioning device.
Fireworks Firecrackers, bottle rockets, snaps, and flares.
Safety Cases, Boxes, and Bags These items cannot contain external batteries or pyrotechnic material.
Paints Solvents or flammables include thinners, turpentine, MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone), denatured alcohol, acetone, resins, lacquers, varnishes, and flammables.
Tanks Air or pressurized (including diving and SCUBA).
Vehicles Powered by External Batteries Hover, boards, scooters, unicycle with this type of battery.

Find more information about restricted items according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Additional Restricted Items for the United States
Chemical Kits Containing Hazardous Materials: Water and soil chemical test kits, children's chemical test kits.

Motorized Equipment: Residual fuel (chainsaws, generators, lawnmowers, etc.).

15-inch MacBook Pro: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a ban on certain models of this device due to the potential risk of their batteries.

Oxygen: Medical and recreational oxygen (compressed or liquid).

Other Items: Flare signals and road lights, avalanche rescue backpack, self-inflating.

Repellent: Animal repellents over 118 ml (4 fluid ounces), bear spray, and others.

The United States does not allow liquids, aerosols, and gels over 100 ml or 3.4 oz in carry-on baggage. If you carry larger quantities, we recommend packing them in your checked baggage. Make your Duty Free purchases at the last departing airport to the United States.
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