Did you buy a ticket redeeming fully or partially with lifemiles miles?

If your ticket was redeemed with miles, you have not used it and it is less than one (1) year old, you can change the flight (date and time), change the route of travel or request a refund of miles. Partially used tickets that are less than one (1) year, allow for change of flight (date and time) only, do not allow for change of route or refund. Tickets with an issue date of more than one (1) year do not allow any type of change.

Mileage tickets redeemed with avianca are not subject to availability in the same fare class you purchased; in the case of tickets redeemed with one of our partner airlines, the change requires availability in the same class you purchased.

The avianca UATP card does not apply to tickets redeemed with miles. If you have entered a booking code for a ticket redeemed with miles in the card link, you should be aware that the message you receive in response does not apply to this type of ticket.

If you already know when to fly, call us and we will help you change your flight.

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