When can I receive compensation?

You can receive compensation in the following cases:

  • Delays or cancellation due to internal cause

    If your flight schedule is affected by irregularities attributable to our Airline.

  • Voluntary denial of boarding

    Your itinerary was flexible and, due to various circumstances, you gave up your seat in exchange for compensation.

  • Involuntary denial of boarding

    In different situations, we do not find volunteers to give up their seat. For this reason, in exchange for compensation, you are denied boarding without your consent. Applies to Spain, USA and London.

  • Irregularities in baggage

    In the event of delay, damage or looting of your luggage.

  • Restricted or inoperative seats Sometimes your comfort is affected because the seat is not in proper condition. Applies only for long duration flights (more than 5 hours).
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