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Can I travel with my wheelchair?

Yes, you can bring or request a wheelchair free of charge. You can request this service at avianca.com, when you purchase your ticket, from Manage your booking by entering your reservation code and last name, or at our Contact Center.

I want to take my wheelchair with me I want to request a wheelchair
  • You can only bring it free of charge if you have some kind of disability and require it for your use, otherwise it will be registered as additional baggage.
  • Please notify us that you are traveling with a wheelchair at the time you make your reservation or at least 24 hours before your flight departure.
  • In order to transport it safely, please inform us of the manufacturer's instructions for disassembly and assembly, whether it requires any specifications to be carried in the hold, and whether or not the batteries are spillable.
  • For flights to or from the U.S. on single-aisle aircraft, your wheelchair will be stowed in the hold under DOT-approved procedures.

If your wheelchair is battery-powered:

  • Deliver it turned off, with the edges protected against short circuits, and with the battery securely fastened to the frame.
  • Do not remove the battery if it is a dry or lithium battery unless it is necessary for handling, it must be properly secured to the wheelchair.
  • You may carry a maximum of one (1) spare dry battery properly packed and marked with your name, flight and destination.
  • For lithium batteries: you may carry only one (1) spare battery not exceeding 300 Wh or two (2) spare batteries not exceeding 160 Wh each.
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