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Can I use my portable respiratory device during the flight?

If you require a portable oxygen concentrator (POC), CPAP, VPAP as part of your medical treatment and need to use it on board, you should consider these recommendations:

While booking At the airport While flying

If you plan to use your respiratory device on board, please contact us through our Contact center at least 48 hours before your flight so that we can confirm that your device is safe to be used on board.

If you have a connection with another airline, you should also notify them of the use of your respiratory device.

Keep in mind:

    • Electrical connections on board cannot be used to connect respiratory devices.
    • Consult the approved models by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
    • Devices that incorporate an approval label will be admitted. For example, POCs include the following statement in red lettering:

      "The manufacturer of this POC has determined this device conforms to all applicable FAA acceptance criteria for POC carriage and use on board aircraft."

      If your respiratory device does not have this label, you will not be able to bring it on board.
    • We do not provide medical oxygen service on board, however, if you meet the above requirements, you may use your own device.
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