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Can I take my service dog on board?

Yes, you can do so by completing the necessary documentation and regulations. Enter or call our Contact Center at least 48 hours before the departure of your flight to notify us that you will be flying with your service dog.

Learn more about the requirements and recommendations for their transportation.

At the airport Additional considerations
  • To make sure your service dog has all the paperwork it needs to fly, please show up at the airport counter. For international flights arrive 3 hours before scheduled departure and for domestic flights arrive at least 2 hours before departure.
  • Print the form for transporting pets in the hold and cabin. If you don’t have it, you can get it from our service agents at the airport counter.
  • If your dog has a potentially aggressive behavior, you must carry a muzzle and use it if necessary. Our crew may ask it if the dog shows this type of behavior. 
  • Pets that are aggressive or may bother other passengers or crew won't be allowed to fly in the cabin. You can take them in the hold of the aircraft, and you'll have to pay extra fees.
  • The airport animal health authorities and avianca reserve the right to refuse to admit or transport the pet if the pet doesn't meet the safety and regulatory requirements for a flight.
  • The service dog must behave appropriately in public. For example:
    • Remain on your feet.
    • Do not run freely around the airport or on board the aircraft.
    • Do not bark or growl repeatedly at other people at the airport or on board.
    • Do not attempt to bite other people.
    • Do not jump over people.
    • The dog must not do its physiological needs at the airport or on board.
    • If the service dog behaves inappropriately, it may be a cause for boarding denial. Subject to availability and fees, we can transport the dog in the hold.

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