Meals on board

Which flights include meals onboard?

Find out which flights we offer the included menu and which flights we offer our onboard sales menu. 

business class

Traveling through Europe:

  • Flying avianca insignia to and from Europe, you will have a welcome drink, appetizer, 3 lunch or dinner options, 3 dessert options and 2 breakfast options for you to choose what you want to eat. You will also have unlimited alcoholic beverages, hot and cold drinks and snacks until one and a half hours before landing.

Traveling through the Americas:

  • Depending on the time of your flight, you will have two choices for lunch, dinner, or breakfast. Hot and cold drinks, packaged snacks and alcoholic beverages are also available.
  • The included menu service is available on wide-body aircraft and narrow-body aircraft on routes to and from Bogotá to: New York, São Paulo, Miami, Buenos Aires, Washington, D.C., Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, Mexico City, Boston.  

Economy class

Traveling through Europe: Our onboard menu service, included in all our fares, includes snacks, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Traveling throughout the Americas (including domestic flights in Colombia and Ecuador): We offer our onboard sales menu, which has different products, so you can choose the best option for you.

Keep in mind:

  • Find out the available options if you are flying to and from Europe and are a vegetarian or flying with infants and children. You can request these menus for free by contacting our Contact center at least 24 hours before your flight leaves.
  • If you have a special diet, you can bring your own food on board. But make sure it's light and already packed.
  • Learn about our suggestions and recommendations in case of serious allergies.

The included menu service and onboard sales menu are subject to operational changes.

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