How does a compensation for baggage irregularities work?

If you experience any issues with your luggage (delay, damage or theft), follow these steps to report your case. Our Customer Service will deal with your request and will email you about the possible compensation.

If you are the beneficiary of compensation, we will offer you options, that represent an amount of money redeemable against avianca products or services.

Please note:

  • Our compensation policy is subject to the current regulations in each country.
  • If you have filed a claim, it will be analyzed and compensated, if applicable, according to the regulations based on the route flown and under the established liability limitations.

How can you redeem compensation with avianca?

  • As of the date of issue, you have (1) one year to redeem your EMD coupon and (2) two years to redeem your lifemiles (we will update the expiration date if you accumulate more miles during this period).
  • You can use the e-coupon (EMD/MPD) as a means of total or partial payment for our airline services and products.
  • Compensation in lifemiles miles can be redeemed in exchange for certain avianca products and services.
  • To redeem these types of compensation, get in touch with our Contact center (only in the name of the holder) or visit one of our sales points, with your coupon and ID document.
  • Keep in mind that they can't be redeemed at travel agencies or on our website.
Before redeeming your EMD coupon, keep the following recommendations in mind
  • The value of the EMD/MPD is paid in the local currency of the country of redemption using the current exchange rate, applicable to ticket sales.
  • The person in whose name this coupon is issued is responsible for its safeguarding and proper use; the airline issuing the EMD/MPD is not responsible for its loss or misuse.
  • The Electronic Miscellaneous Document or EMD (document on which additional services are issued) can only be transferred to a first-degree family member (spouse, child, father or mother), which requires a photocopy of the documents of the holder and the family member to be presented, and the EMD must be signed by both. The presence of the holder is not necessary.
  • If there is a credit balance, a new compensation will be issued in the name of the EMD holder and this will be governed under the same conditions and validity as the initial compensation.
  • If you lose your coupon, get in touch with our Contact center.
  • It is not redeemable for cash.
  • It cannot be used to purchase products in the avianca Store.
  • Once this compensation has been accepted, you cannot exchange it for another one.
  • To transfer it to your spouse your civil registry of marriage, extrajudicial certificate or marriage certificate is required.
  • You can only transfer an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) once: from the holder to a relative. The family member who receives it cannot transfer it again.
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