Flying with kids

What should I consider when flying with an infant?

Children under 2 years old (up to 24 months and 0 days) are considered infants. If the infant turns 2 years old before or during the return date of the trip, their ticket will be changed to a child ticket (for ages 2 to 11 years old). This change incurs an additional cost because children in this age range are subject to a different fee.

Here are some additional key points to consider before flying:

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  • If the infant is less than 10 days old, you must present a medical certificate authorizing the mother and the infant to fly.
  • Bring a certificate from your pediatrician stating the infant's weight and height in inches or centimeters.
  • Find out about the documents and requirements you must comply with when flying with children and infants.
  • An adult may fly with a maximum of 2 infants, whose tickets must be on the same reservation.
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