How can I request an upgrade to business class with Plusgrade?

With our provider Plusgrade, you can make your request to upgrade to business class and enjoy all of its benefits on your flights to and from Europe, as well as on flights over 5 hours in the Americas. If your flight does not have an executive cabin, you can also request to fly in one of our Premium or Plus seats (only available on selected routes).

How do I request this?

Follow these steps to make the request:

    1. To make the request: complete the fields in this form. 
    2. Make your request: select the additional amount to be added to your ticket in the form of a class or seat upgrade for each of your trip's routes.
    3. Enter your payment information: complete your credit card information. If you are granted the upgrade, the amount will be charged to your card. Otherwise, there will be no charge.
    4. Check and send: check that the information is correct and send your request.
    5. Request confirmation: we will send you an email to confirm that we have received your request.
    6. Status of your request: if your request is accepted, you will receive an email and the amount will be debited to your credit card. If your request is rejected, we will send you an email to inform you and we will not charge you for the upgrade. You will keep your current seat.
Important information
  • You will not be able to request a refund if your request was accepted.
  • If you made a request for an upgrade and it was accepted, the system will temporarily withhold the total amount of the request on your credit card and, in some cases, you may receive a message from your bank (SMS, email or other) to inform you of the amount. This will appear as a "pending" charge on your bank account.
  • On some occasions, due to unforeseen situations, the request cannot be processed. In these cases, the temporary amount withheld from the card will be released within 5 to 10 business days. The exact time varies with each card issuer, the issuer has control over when these amounts will be withdrawn or reversed. In such a situation, the transaction will not be approved; therefore, we will not charge your credit card.
Conditions for a refund

The only reasons for which the payment for the upgrade will be refunded are:

  • Flights canceled by the airline.
  • If we reschedule a flight and there are no seats available in business class or the Premium or Plus seats you had chosen are not available.
  • The request could not be assigned due to the following: aircraft changes, delays in connecting flights, among other causes.

To request a refund from our provider Plusgrade, you must complete the following form and follow these steps:

    1. In the field "Select the process related to your request," choose the option "Reservation additional servicies"
    2. Then, in the field "Complaint," select the option "Unused Plusgrade"
    3. Finish completing all the fields with your booking information

This is the only option that can be selected to assess and process the refund; refunds not related to Plusgrade should not be entered on this form.

Request the refund within three months after the flight date. If the refund is approved, the payment will be refunded to the credit card you used to pay for the upgrade request and will be processed in the same currency with which you made the payment. Bank charges for this transaction will not be refunded, they will be limited to the amount charged for the upgrade.

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