EMD Terms and Conditions

  • The EMD is a document that you can use as a means of payment, total or partial, to purchase avianca services or products through our Contact center and at physical points of sale.
  • The EMD corresponding to the "seat preselection" product is refundable by bank transference. In case you need to request a refund, follow these steps (please note that you must enter your bank information yourself).
  1. Go to the Refund Request form
  2. Select the option 'Ticket number or additional service (EMD)' and fill in the fields with your information
  3. Finish by clicking on 'Continue to'
  • This EMD can only be redeemed by the holder.
  • You should handle the EMD information using the same security measures as with any other means of payment.
  • Due to government regulations for Colombia, if you redeem your EMD in our Contact center and points of sale channels, an administrative fee will be charged.
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