What compensation do you offer and how can I use it?

Compensation is remuneration we can offer you under the prevailing regulations in each country if the conditions of your flight or journey are affected by issues attributable to us. This compensation can be redeemed against avianca products and services.

Types of compensation you might receive:

Through an EMD Through lifemiles
EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document). This is an electronic coupon given to you by the flight operating company. You can use these coupons in full or partial payment for the services and products of our airlines Aerovías del Continente Americano S.A. (Avianca), Taca International Airlines S.A. (Taca), Líneas Aéreas Costarricenses S.A. (Lacsa), Transamerican Airlines S.A. (Taca Peru), and Avianca Ecuador S.A., the integrated companies.

You can use these electronic coupons to buy:

      • Airline tickets. 
      • Fare differences or fees for ticket changes. 
      • Upgrades to travel in business class on routes to and from Europe. 
      • Additional baggage. 
      • Special services. 
      • Administration fees for issuing tickets (only in Colombia, through the Contact Center).

How do I request compensation from avianca?

      1. Identify whether the issue affecting you is eligible for compensation.
      2. If your claim is not handled at the airport, you can make a claim by selecting the type of issue in our complaints form.
      3. Our Customer Service will deal with your request and will email you about the possible compensation.
      4. If you are the beneficiary of compensation, you can choose the option that best suits you.
      5. Get in touch with our Contact center (only in the name of the holder) or visit one of our sales points with your coupon and ID document to redeem your compensation (EMD). You can also do this through if your compensation is in the form of miles.
    Your compensation cannot be redeemed at travel agencies or at
Terms and conditions for redeeming miles

Keep in mind the requirements for using this compensation:

  • The compensation miles will not count toward your lifemiles frequent flyer level, nor that of any other frequent flyer program.
  • These miles are transferred to your account 4 business days after the voucher is issued. Save the transaction document until the miles are credited to your account.  
  • The miles can only be credited to accounts belonging to the lifemiles frequent flyer program and are governed by the lifemiles terms and conditions.  
  • The total of the miles specified on the voucher are credited to a single frequent flyer account. Partial payments are not allowed. 
  • For families affected by an issue, the miles can be requested to be credited to a single lifemiles account belonging to any member of the group. 
  • Once you accept this compensation, you cannot exchange it for any other.
Terms and conditions for redeeming an EMD

Keep in mind the requirements for using this compensation:

  • If the value of the EMD is in a currency other than the currency in which it is being redeemed, the conversion will be made in the currency of the country where it is being redeemed, using the prevailing exchange rate applicable to ticket sales.  
  • EMDs are non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the person named in association with the EMD. EMDs can only be transferred to first-degree relatives.

  • The person in whose name this coupon is issued is responsible for its safeguarding and proper use; the airline issuing the EMD is not responsible for its loss or misuse.   

  • If you lose your EMD or have any questions please contact the avianca Contact center.

  • If there is a credit balance, a new compensation will be issued in the name of the EMD holder and this will be governed under the same conditions and validity as the initial compensation.
  • By a Colombian government regulation, when redeeming your EMD, an administrative fee plus VAT will be charged.

Restrictions on use of coupons:  

    • Coupons must be redeemed within one year of their issue date.  
    • They are not redeemable in cash.
Terms and conditions for transferring EMDs

Keep in mind the requirements for transferring this type of compensation:

  • It is essential that you present the physical EMD you received at an avianca point of sale. In case there are no physical sales points in your city, you can do it through the forms waiver request
  • The EMD can only be transferred to first-degree family members 1.º  (spouse, child, father or mother).
  • The documents required for the assignment of an EMD are photocopy of the identity document of the holder and his/her family member, physical EMD signed by the holder and his/her family member, civil registry of birth of parents and children. Copies are not accepted. For requests made through the Contact Center or on, a physically signed EMD is not required.
  • It is only possible to transfer the EMD once: from the holder to a relative. It cannot be transferred again by the family member who receives it. 
  • The "residual value" generated after the redemption of an EMD will be subject to the same terms and conditions as the initial EMD, including its validity period. This information must be recorded in the residual value document delivered by the collaborator to the client, specifying that it is generated as compensation. 
  • In case of having a "residual value", this would remain in the name of the person to whom the EMD was assigned.
  • The EMD expiration date will always be the same as that of the initial document.  
  • Transfers of an EMD to a minor must be signed and authorized by the minor's representative (mother or father) or guardian. 
  • To redeem an EMD, the presence of the EMD holder is not necessary.


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