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How do group bookings work?

Group reservations are travel requests for a minimum of 10 passengers with the same travel intention. Complete the group bookings form to request your booking. 


What is a group?
A group is a travel request for a minimum of 10 passengers, occupying seats with the same travel intention. It can be made up of adults, children, and infants.
    • Children are passengers between 2 and 12 years of age who occupy a seat and have the same fare as an adult.
    • Infants are passengers under the age of two who do not occupy a seat and have a discounted fare for international flights (to obtain this discount, infants must be under 2 years old on the outbound flight and on the return flight) and no charge for domestic flights in Colombia.
How are group bookings priced?

To get a price, enter the information for your group in our form You will receive an email with a price for your journey within 48 hours.

How do I pay for group bookings?
As of March 15, 2024, once you accept the terms and conditions for the group reservation, you have 24 hours to pay in full. You will receive instructions for this by email.
What is the validity of the quote?
The validity of the quote is 72 hours. Once you accept the terms and conditions for the group reservation, we will email you payment instructions and a link. The reservations are canceled automatically if you do not pay for them within this period. We recommend that you pay attention to the messages and alerts that we will be sending you.
What conditions apply to fares for group bookings?
These bookings are subject to the conditions of the classic or M fare. The benefits of the offer extend to all passengers in your group booking.
Is it possible to quote a reservation in groups without luggage or at a different rate than the classic one?
Group reservations are only priced under the conditions of the classic fare.  In this case, luggage is included.
Does my group trip accumulate lifemiles?
Your group bookings do not earn lifemiles as they are discounted fares.
Can I make voluntary changes to my group reservation if I have already made full payment?
Yes, you can make changes to your group booking at two times:

    • Before the tickets are issued: you can increase or decrease the number of passengers by replying to the email with your group booking quote. We will process your request and tell you what to do next. Remember that:

      • If passengers increase, we will send you a quote for additional seats at the available fare.
      • If spaces are reduced/canceled, we will send you the updated contract to confirm the terms and conditions.
      • If you need to change your itinerary, you must request a new group booking from avianca.com. Your current request will be canceled.
    • After the tickets are issued: you can change your itinerary under the conditions of the classic fare. Get in touch with our Contact center using the "changes" option for support.
Can I pay for my group booking by debit or credit card?
Yes. You can pay be debit or credit card. All you have to do is use the link we'll email to you when you accept the group booking terms and conditions.  
What happens if there are any changes to the flights booked for my group?
If you arranged your group booking through avianca.com, notification of the change of itinerary and the travel alternatives will be sent to the email address you gave when you made the booking. If you are not happy with the options suggested, you can request another itinerary by replying to the email with the quote or by contacting our Contact center.

If you arranged your group booking through a travel agency, contact your travel agency to review the flight changes and the available alternatives.
Is it possible to select seats in my group reservation?
Once you accept the group booking quote, the seats are pre-assigned with the characteristics of the classic fare to ensure that all the passengers in the group travel together.
Is it possible to add additional services to my group reservation?
If you already have your tickets issued for the group reservation, you can purchase additional services individually through the Contact center or at the airport.
Is it possible to check-in online for my group reservation?
You can check-in each passenger in the group individually at avianca.com or on our app. If children or infants are traveling in the group, check-in can only take place at the airport.
If my group reservation is cancelled, can I rebook it?
Yes, you can rebook it by completing the form again to send you a new quote.
What should I do if I need help with my group booking?
If you need help with a group reservation made using avianca.com, contact our advisor by replying to the email you received with the quote. If you have not yet received the quote, remember that it may take up to 48 hours.

If your group reservation was made through a travel agency, contact them to request support.
Can a group of children travel without adults?
For a group of children to travel unaccompanied by adults, they must be at least 15 years old. There is more information in the information bulletin on minors traveling alone.
How many adults should travel with a group of children under 14?
Anyone over the age of 18 can be responsible for a maximum of 9 passengers between the ages of 2 and 14, and 1 passenger under 2 years old (baby). 
Can I change the itinerary of a group ticket through avianca.com?
You can make changes to the itinerary according to the fare clasicc conditions. You must request the change directly with your travel agency or contact our Contact center under the "changes" option for support.
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