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How do group bookings work?

Group bookings are created for 10 or more passengers. Visit Group booking on avianca.com and follow the step-by-step process to request your reservation.

Let us clarify some doubts:

What is a group?
A group consists of a minimum of 10 people, including adults, children, and infants. Children are passengers aged between 2 and 12 years old and have the same fare as adults. Infants are passengers under 2 years old and have a discounted fare. To obtain this discount, infants must be under 2 years old both on the outbound and return flights.
How is the quoting done for a group booking?

To get a quote, you must enter the basic information of your group in our form within 48 hours. You will receive the travel offer in your email.

How is the payment for a group booking?
      The payment for your group trip is divided in two moments:
  • You must make an initial deposit when accepting the offer.
  • And a final payment before your flight departure.
We will send you a link via email to make both payments. Keep in mind that these payments are non-refundable, this information will be detailed in your group booking contract.
Is the offer validity counted in business days or calendar days?
The offer is valid in calendar days, and we will indicate the exact dates that apply to each deadline.
If I don't send the payment for my group booking, will it be automatically canceled?
If you don't make the payment within the established deadlines, the slots will be automatically canceled. You should be attentive to the messages and alerts that we will be sending you.
What are the fare conditions that apply to group bookings?
The conditions of the classic or M fare apply to these bookings. Its benefits will be granted to all passengers associated with the same group booking.
Is it possible to request a group booking without baggage? Can it be quoted with a different fare than classic?
Currently, it is not possible. All group booking are quoted exclusively with the conditions of the classic fare, and the baggage, in this case, is included.
Does my group travel accumulate LifeMiles?
Yes, you can accumulate LifeMiles for your group travels according to the benefits of the classic or M fare. Keep in mind that the fare price used for calculating miles does not include taxes, fees, or additional services.
Can I make voluntary changes to my group booking?
Yes, you can modify your group booking at two moments:
  • Prior to ticket issuance: for any modification you wish to make, you must send a request by email to evaluate the case and inform you of the steps to follow. However, keep in mind that charges apply for reduction/cancellation of slots. If you want to add more passengers, we will consider the available fare at the time of the new request. All conditions for changes are detailed in your group contract.
  • After ticket issuance: You can make changes for up to 20 % of the group. To get support, please contact our Contact center and choose the 'changes' option.
Is it possible to pay for a group booking with a debit or credit card?
Yes, it is possible to use a debit or credit card as a form of payment through the link that we will send you via email once you accept the offer.
Can I select seats, add additional services, or perform online check-in for my group booking?
For group reservations, you can perform all these processes through the Contact center, travel agencies, or at the airport, but they can only be acquired with tickets already issued.
What happens if there are changes in any of the flights reserved for my group?
If your flight experiences any changes and your group already has issued tickets, we will contact you to offer a new itinerary alternative. If you do not agree with the suggested option, you can reach out to our email: protecciones.grupos@avianca.com to explore other options. 
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